Cirad fr kriens

cirad fr kriens

It is considered important that scientific studies guaranty the innocuity of these transgenic varieties, in order to prevent consumers' distrust and hazards for human health and environment. The goal was a variety well-adapted to cotton growers' needs in rather diversified agronomic conditions, securing at the same time a fibre quality above of the commercially adapted level of Gl7 (the glandless variety grown from 1989 to 1995). Data sheets are available for free. The genome of Theobroma

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cacao. International Conference on Polyploidy, Hybridization and Biodiversity (icphb 2009 May 17-20, 2009, Saint-Malo - France, Program and Abstracts:. In: felas, aprosemp, MAG/dise, 2004, Conferencias y Resúmenes de trabajos presentados.

cirad fr kriens

Adresse, tél, fax, courriel, cirad - TA A-108 / 03 - Avenue Agropolis - 34398 Montpellier Cedex. More than 20 communications were presented, about various aspects of cotton research ; the attendance counted 111 researchers. Lopes Ferreira Strategic Global Systematization (SET) for a Sustainable Cotton Production,. E-mail : Publications, selected publications list here : Liste -  Some downloadable publications and technical documents: below on this page. Access to species' data sheets in PDF. Viot Applying Participative Methodologies in Cotton Breeding in Paraguay,. The technical data sheets of the species are still available free of charge. It also provides a major source of candidate genes for. It must permit to keep good intrinsic fibre characteristics with low contaminants levels.

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cirad fr kriens

The first aim of their selection was to respond to small farmers' requests at level of agronomic performances. Abstract: Potential of participative variety trials for cotton seeds management in Paraguay An active participation of farmers to variety evaluation is possible with the methodology of participative trials. . Downloadable documents Publications Xavier Argout, Jerome Salse, Jean-Marc Aury, Mark J Guiltinan, Gaetan Droc, Jerome Gouzy, Mathilde Allegre, Cristian Chaparro, Thierry Legavre, Siela N Maximova, Michael Abrouk, Florent Murat, Olivier Fouet, Julie Poulain-, Manuel Ruiz, Yolande Roguet, Maguy Rodier-Goud, Jose Fernandes Barbosa-Neto, Francois Sabot, Dave. Pedretti Summary : gomez-bogado. IAN 425, thanks to its well-adapted agronomic qualities, is particularly appreciated by small farmers. Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería, Programa de Reactivación del Algodón, Asunción, Paraguay, 194 páginas. Année de publication : Toutes, type de document : TousActes de congrèsArticle de revueChapitre d'ouvragehdrouvrageThèse 352 publications, article de revue, article de revue, article de revue, article de revue, article de revue, article de revue, article de revue, article de revue, article de revue, article.